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~*~ A Jack of the Arts & A Crafter of Some ~*~

Hiya! My name is Lynn. I’m the artist, creator and founder of Kaywyne’s Korner. Kaywyne is a name I made up for my first D&D character oh so many geek eons ago. When the virtual realm was born, it became my go-to name for MMORPG characters, forum names, gamer tags, etc…you know how a name sticks.

Traditionally speaking, I am a mixed media artist. I create graphics art, I knit, I crochet, I sculpt, I glue, I stitch, I click….aye aye aye…so I am not a traditional artist and prefer the “title” of crafter. I have been crafting since my grandmother taught me how to crochet to get me to sit quietly when I was at her house.  I don’t like being tied to any one medium or method. I love to learn new things and tend to run with these for a time, but I always come back to my core loves: pixel art, dolls in clay and fiber, and writing.  I enjoy creating fantasy worlds and crafting the characters in various forms such as digital illustrations, polymer sculptures, crochet dolls, and stories.

Thanks so much for stopping by!