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Stop by to say hi on Twitch. I stream when I’m arting or trying a new project. Currently, my Twitching is on hold due to my computer being too old to stream. I am saving for a new one, and will let you know when I will be Twitching again.

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In the mood to watch my attempts at video editing my messed up arting method? Then stop on by Kaywyne’s Kreations on YouTube. Or would you rather watch some unboxing videos and more? The join us on the Blind Bag Hags channel.


Retro Tv - BitChute

**NOTE: Content is being moved over to BitChute due to COPPA BS on YouTube. My videos ARE NOT for kids! So please watch my videos there since I still have access to comments and notifications there.


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Follow me on Instagram. I share photos of works in progress, furbaby antics, and the like. Just watch out for the strange chick that shows up sometimes.

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Follow me on Twitter. I share…well my personality comes out on here a bit more on this platform. However, due to the company’s habits of censorship, I don’t interact much on here currently.

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Follow me & my many boards. They are chock full of inspiration I’ve found across the web. From clay figures, fiber crafts, kpop, gaming memes, recipes I doubt I’ll ever try but they look yummy, grown up drink concoctions, and did I mention kpop.